Free Crochet Scarf Pattern: Eccentric Tie Scarf

Eccentric Tie Scarf is a super quick, super thick and super easy crochet scarf pattern to make in one day! With this pattern you’ll be able to create an item so unique, that everybody will ask where you’ve got it!

The scarf is light (though made of #6 super bulky weight yarn), because there`s no need to wrap it around your neck several times. Still, it will keep you warm and all snugly. Thanks to the practical fastener, it’s so versatile and can be worn in many different ways and different combinations.

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Just pull your scarf through the fastener (which you can make in any of the matching colors and embellish with a button) and you`ll have a versatile, eye catching item for many occasions. You can add fringe or leave it without.

This crochet scarf is great stash buster, because it can be made with two strands of #4 worsted (or actually any of your favorite) yarn held together.

You can match it up with the Eccentric Beanie and you`re ready to go!

It`s a great last-minute gift for your mother, sister or a friend, the kind of gift they would enjoy wearing.


CROCHET SKILL LEVEL: Advanced Beginner


  • Yarn weight: #6, Super Bulky / Super Chunky
  • Yarn used: Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Acrylic 80%, Wool 20%), 2 skeins of 5oz /140g per skein, or approximately 160 meters / 174 yards. Color: Hudson Bay 3610
  • Crochet hook: 10mm (N/P-15 US) or hook needed to obtain gauge
  • Stitch Markers, Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Measuring Tape, Button (optional)


Finished scarf is approximately 97cm (38 in) long without fringe; it is 20 cm (8 in) wide.


The pattern is written using standard crochet US terminology.

ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

sc blo – single crochet back loop only

dc – double crochet

fcr dc – front cross double crochet stitch

sk – skip

st(s) – stitch(es)

( )- additional explanation

[ ] – work as many times as directed


Gauge is not critical for this project. Still, if you want an exact measurement as per pattern:

8 dc stitches /4 rows = 10cm/4 in square


  • Ch1 at the beginning of row does not count as a st.
  • Ch2 at the beginning of row counts as a st.
  • This scarf is worked widthwise, in rows, until finishing the row 30.
  • The final portion of the scarf is worked in two separate parts, but without fastening off. Part I is worked with sc blo sts along the chain back and forth (see the STITCH EXPLANATION) attaching it to the main body of the scarf with sl sts. Part II is worked with sc blo sts in remaining 8 sts of the 30th row of the main body.
  • The rows of the Part I and Part II are numbered starting from 1 again.


Sc blo – insert your hook into the back loop (not both loops as you normally would) and make your single crochet stitch

Fcr dc – skip next st, dc in next st; dc in skipped st (working in front of last st made)

Once you finish the main body of the scarf, you`ll chain 21, turn and work 20 sc sts down the chain. Then, you will sl st into the next available st (1st st of the last row of the main body) and sl st into the next st. Turn, ch1, sc blo into each of 20 sc sts previously made (skipping 2 sl sts made). Turn, ch1, sc blo in each of 20 sc blo sts made, sl st in next 2 sts of the last row of main body. Turn and repeat the same.


Body of the Scarf

Ch 17

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc into each ch across, turn – 16 sts

Row 2 – 11: ch1, sc blo in each st across. turn – 16 sts

Row 12 – 14: ch2, [fcr dc] 7 times, dc in last st, turn – 16 sts

Row 15 – 29: ch2, dc in each st across, turn – 16 sts

Row 30: ch1, sc in each st accross, turn – 16 sts

Do not fasten off, continue onto the first part.

Part I

Ch 21, turn

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, 20 sts. Sl st into 1st st of the row 30, sl st in next st, turn – 20 sc sts+2 sl sts

Row 2: ch1, sc blo in each sc of the row 1, turn – 20 sts

Row 3: ch 1, sc blo in each st across, sl st in next 2 sts (of row 30), turn – 20 sc blo sts+2 sl sts

Row 4: ch1, sc blo in each st across, turn, – 20 sts

Row 5: ch 1, sc blo in each st across, sl st in next 2 sts (of the row 30), turn – 20 sc blo sts+2 sl sts

Row 6: ch1, sc blo in each st across, turn – 20 sts

Row 7: ch1, sc blo in each st across, sl st in next st (of the row 30) – 20 sc blo sts+1 sl st

Part II

Continue working in the remaining 8 sts of the row 30.

Row 1: sc blo in next 8 sts, turn – 8 sts

Row 2 – 16: ch1, sc blo in each st across, turn – 8 sts

After row 16, start decreasing 1 st in each row.

Row 17: ch1, sc blo 7, turn – 7 sts

Row 18: ch1, sk1, sc blo 6, turn – 6 sts

Row 19: ch1, sc blo 5, turn – 5 sts

Row 20: ch1, sk1, sc blo 4, turn – 4 sts

Row 21: ch1, sc blo 3, turn – 3 sts

Row 22: ch1, sk1, sc blo 2 – 2 sts

Fasten off.

k1 e1629468299867 Crochet With Frankie Kate


FASTENER: Turn the wrong side facing you. Attach the yarn at right bottom corner of the main body (row 1 of the main body). Ch 1 and work 4 sc sts   along the edge of the scarf (around 1st dc sts of the rows 1 and 2). Ch1, turn , work 3 more rows of sc. Sl st to the opposite side of the scarf to create a scarf fastener.

Optional: Add fringes to the both sides if the scarf. Embellish fastener with a button, a flower applique in same or a different color, or leave it as it is.

Attach the yarn at left bottom corner. Work 4 rows of sc Crochet With Frankie Kate

ADJUSTMENT: The size of the Eccentric Tie Scarf can be very easily adjusted. If you want to make it longer (the body or any of the parts), all you need to do is to increase the number of starting chains (that is stitches).

It is very versatile accessory. You can wear it in many different ways and combinations. You may choose to make it in solid colors, or using two strands of your favorite yarn.

Possibilities are numerous!

You can always purchase a PDF version of the Eccentric Tie Scarf on RAVELRY or The Eccentric Scarf and Beanie Bundle on ETSY.

I`d love to see your work and share some love! Please tag @Frankie.Kate_ or use hashtag #frankiekate when posting your makes on Instagram.

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