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Being a part of the crochet community is fulfilling in so many ways! Whether you are an “online” or “offline” member, nowadays it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Crochet community is a place you turn to for an inspiration, support, advice, or simply to chat about your passion with likeminded people, the only ones who can actually understand it! Most of the time, it’s a safe, supportive and encouraging space we share.

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So, what can we, crocheters, do for our community? The answer is quite simple actually – we can do a lot! We all have our ways to help the others!

Crochet Community for Charity

One of them is participating in an online charity events, such as Crochet Business Hop for Charity hosted and initiated by a fabulous crochet designer Melanie Jane. This event is taking place 1-28 February 2022.

I am very happy to be a part of it and grateful to Melanie for inviting me.

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How You Can Participate   

Melanie is counting on our support to raise at least $1800 for Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit hair donation organization that has been serving children suffering from hair loss since 1981. They depend on donations from generous companies, foundations, groups and individuals like you. They want to give each child a chance to look themselves and live their life with a smile and self-respect.

By purchasing any of my patterns in February, you are supporting this great cause.  Especially on February 6th and February 19th when all of my patterns on Ravelry will be 20% off, and on those days, 50% of my sales will go to this fabulous non-profit Wigs for Kids. Also, 20% of my entire February sale on Ravelry!


Each day in February one of the crochet businesses will be featured.

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You can find some awesome crochet pattern designers there. You will then have the opportunity to go to each business and make a purchase. Each crochet business owner is then pledging a certain percentage of their sales.

Please support these truly amazing small business owners. If you crochet, purchase a pattern. If you don’t crochet, purchase a handmade item with love in every stitch. 

By supporting our businesses, you are supporting Wigs For Kids and helping to make the world a bit better place!

If you’d like to donate directly this page, follow the link HERE,


From crocheting blankets and hats for premature babies, to donating some of your yarn stash there are many brilliant ways crocheters can give their time, talent and skill for a good cause, locally or internationally.

You can Make a Difference

Here are just a few organizations, that accept crochet donation, so you can help make a difference, whether you are a beginner or experienced crocheter.

  • Maid4Aid where you can donate handmade craft items or supplies, to be sold online to raise money for aid.  Money raised is donated Médecins sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders to support their work. 
  • Wooly Hugs has many ongoing projects and members across the world, but majority in the UK.
  • Feel Better Friends organization that donates handmade dolls to children battling cancer and other illnesses. They are always looking for volunteers.

Please, remember that regulations and their needs are constantly changing so it’s very important to be sure to find out more about the organization you want to donate to and  check their latest updates and projects before you decide.

Think globally, act locally

Ultimately, turn to your local community! There are a lot of organizations that could use your donations, such as nursing homes, children’s shelters, domestic violence shelters, churches, animal shelters, even local hospitals.



If you are not sure what you could donate, here are a few ideas: baby and preemie hats, chemo caps, blankets, granny squares for blankets, items for animals, yarn, hooks, etc.

Giving your crochet to the community is a way to help others feel batter, maybe smile more, stay warm and healthy. It is also a way you help yourself. Doesn’t it feel so good when you can help people in need? It’s rewarding in so many ways! You will improve your sense of well – being, satisfaction and growth. Your generosity is often returned to you.  Your actions are highly appreciated by the recipients and can inspire other people to do the same.

I would also have to mention the great benefit of clearing your cluttered space and using up the scarp yarns we all have all over the house!


Here are some free patterns that use bulky yarn and work up quickly: Eccentric Beanie and Eccentric Tie Scarf

As crocheters, we can give to our community as much as it gives to us! If you have more ideas about how we can contribute, you are welcome to leave them in the comments.


And if you have a Crochet for Community kind of story to tell, and want the world to find out about it, you can send me an email at [email protected].

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