After releasing the Ashlea Peaks Scarf crochet pattern last winter, I got quite a few requests to create a matching beanie and gloves set.

But the winter was already coming to an end, so I decided to leave it for this season. And, I haven’t forgotten! Only this time, the patterns are out just in time for winter makes!

crochet beanie and messy bun hat

I designed the Ashlea Mitts first and I wasn’t quite satisfied with the idea of creating just a beanie. It’s likely due to the fact that beanies are not really my go to accessories. I do wear them when I have to, such as when is freezing and snowing outside, but… So, I got this idea to try my hand at making a messy bun hat. I had never made one before and I imagined my long hair would be thrilled if not had to be tucked in under the beanie! And, I loved it!

Ashlea Patterns

Suddenly, I had too many ideas, that I ended up making two sets, Amabella and Ashlea (don’t ask how I came up with the names 😊). Both pattern sets include a beanie and a messy bun hat (or ponytail hat, however you like to call it). This way you don’t have to choose between them – you can do both or just make your favorite.

Ashlea Set Crochet Pattern is, as I mention before, two patterns in one: the Ashlea Beanie & the Messy Bun Hat. They use the same stitches and motifs as Ashlea Peaks Scarf and Ashlea Mitts, so you can create your winter collection and have all you need with just one set!

The best part is that I created two different brims for the beanie and the hat, but they work for both! So, instead of having just one item, you can have four different creations with one pattern! Like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

Now, that I’ve said this out loud, I’ve just got an idea! What about creating something like Choose Your Own Pattern Book? Think, for example, a scarf pattern with variety of stitch combinations and different edgings to choose from…  Hmm, I will have to give it some serious thought! Would you let me know what you think about it?

Anyway, back to the Ashlea Set and some useful facts!

crochet beanie and messy bun hat


SKILL LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE. You should be familiar with working single and double crochet stitches, front and back double crochet post stitches, as well as v-stitch shells (consist of double crochet and chain stitches).

TERMINOLOGY: This crochet pattern uses US Crochet Terminology.


Yarn weight: #4 Medium Worsted Weight/ Aran.

I used Alize Lanagold Classic, which is a great blend of 51% Acrylic and 49% Wool. It comes in 100g / 3.53 oz skeins, but it has 240 /263 yds. I used two colors: Beige 152 for the messy bun hat and Terra 36 for the beanie.

Crochet hook: 5 mm [US H-8]

And an elastic hair bands (or two), stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needle and a measuring tape.

SIZE:  Women’s one size fits most for head circumference 51 – 53 cm / 20-21 in


Wide: 23 cm / 9 in   Tall: 23 cm / 9 in

CONSTRUCTION: Beanie is worked in joined rounds, top down, in one piece (body and brim).

Hat is worked starting around the hair elastic band in joined rounds, top down, in one piece until you finish the body. Brim for the hat is worked in rows and joined with sl st as you go.

Crochet Patterns

I make every effort to publish the patterns as accurately as possible. Even though these patterns have been tested, there’s always a possibility for small errors to slip by. Please be assured that if any errors are found the pattern will be updated and you will automatically receive an email informing you of the update if purchased through Ravelry.



This pattern is for personal use only and cannot be changed, sold, distributed, or reproduced in any way. It is not to be used for educational purpose without written permission from Frankie Kate. You cannot sell or change the pattern but you are more than welcome to sell any of the items made from my patterns but PLEASE would you tag #FrankieKate or @frankie.kate_ when sharing your creations on Instagram or Facebook? So I can share them and celebrate with you!



  1. This is an amazing set!
    I have made the messy bun hat and am working on the mittens right now. I have the scarf pattern as well and wil probably make that one as well.
    You know what would make this set even more amazing? A cowl with the same design. That would complete the set perfectly.

    • Hi Christel! Thank you so much! I’m very happy you like them! If you don’t think there would be to many Ashleas :), I think I could do it! Thank you!

      • Hi Kate! Can there be too many Ashleys? I don’t think so. The design is so lovely, and fun, to make that I don’t think I could ever get enough of them.

          • Ashley, Ashlea – it’s perfectly ok! You are so kind! In that case, you’ve got yourself a cowl! And who knows what else :)))! The only thing I can’t promise is that it will be for this season, since I’m already juggling between several designs. How does September – October sound?

  2. Thank you so much Kate! September-October sounds just great. Anytime that fits your schedule is fine with me, I can wait.

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