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Charming Coraline Chunky Crochet Shawl Pattern

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BULKy or chunky crochet shawl?

Is there a difference really? Some people say there is, but honestly, I don’t think so. But, since my English is far from being perfect, sometimes I can’t be sure when it comes to terms like this – is it only the matter of dialect (like where the word is used) or there is some difference in the meaning of the word.

When writing crochet patterns, I use US crochet terminology, mainly because that was the way I learned to crochet. But in general, I use both, UK and US English and often I don’t know to which of those two a word belongs. I guess it’s because I learned to speak everywhere I got the chance to :))), from school to talking to people from all over the world. And the older I get, the more I realize that that is actually a good thing! As long as we all understand each other, our crochet world remains the perfect place to live in.

Charming Coraline Chunky Crochet Shawl


I worked on the pattern while I was on vacation on the Greek coast and the inspiration was literally everywhere!

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Charming Coraline Shawl was inspired by beautiful, grained coral fields hidden under the ocean, that show their amazing shapes and colors only when sea water moves. It’s obvious I was at the coast when I designed it and maybe my love towards the ocean has something to do with it.



The pattern is easy and uses only the basic stitches, but it’s classified as Intermediate simply because of the colorwork involved. 

The scarf is worked widthwise, using only chains, single and double crochet stitches, which make it great for an advanced beginner to practice the color change while working with the chunky yarn. It’s also a perfect, quick, late-summer project for a more experienced crocheter, cozy, soft and gentle piece over the shoulders or one of the most beautiful gifts you can make pretty quickly.

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YARN Billow (bulky weight, 100% Pima Cotton; 110m /120 yds/100g),. I used 3 hanks of Ash – 26233 and

3 hanks of Tea Rose, 26228.

The yarn I used was provided by Wecrocet and it was the first time I worked with a cotton bulky yarn. Before I had it in my hands, I had had a totally different project in mind. I realized that it my original idea (which was a kind of sleeveless sweater top) wouldn’t work the best with this yarn.


Billow yarn is so soft and gentle that you really want to touch it all the time. Its structure is uneven, meaning that the yarn is very thick in some places and very thin in others. That, in combination with the touch of velvet, gives it a kind of rustic, but majestic feel. I think it looks the best with the simple crochet stitches showing its beauty


I think this yarn goes perfectly with the simple crochet stitches, because it gives them the amazing texture.

On the down side, it can feel a bit heavy, so it’s perfect for scarves and shawls in my opinion.

HOOK: I made Coraline Shawl using 6.5 mm [US K/10] hook, but would have rather used 7 mm. The reason I didn’t was that it had been brought to my attention only recently, that 7mm was not used in the US since there was no letter for it (which I hadn’t known nothing about). But, when I talked to other US crocheters, it turned out that that wasn’t exactly true and that a lot of people now have and use 7 mm hook. This world is not as big as it used to be, and I think that we, the crocheters are taking the best of each other’s differences.

So, long story short, the only thing I would’ve done differently this time is using a larger hook. If the exact size is not crucial to you, I encourage you to try this pattern with a 7 mm hook and see how it goes. It will be lighter and with more drape, but still keeping that royal feel.


SKILL LEVEL: The pattern is quite simple, repetitive and uses only the basic stitches that are easy to memorize and do. It is classified as Intermediate though, simply because of the colorwork involved, and the fact that you’re required  to work color changes using bobbins or different yarn balls at the same time, since carrying the yarn along the row would be visible.

So if you’re an advanced beginner, please don’t be discouraged to try out making this shawl.


The pattern is worked in one piece and without any seaming with tassels attached.It’s worked flat in rows, without any increasing or decreasing, to create a rectangular shape.

The plaid effect is created by switching between 2 colors.


38cm (15″) X 196 cm (77″)

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I make every effort to publish the patterns as accurately as possible. Even though these patterns have been tested, there’s always a possibility for small errors to slip by. Please be assured that if any errors are found the pattern will be updated and you will automatically receive an email informing you of the update if purchased through Ravelry.

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