I Love To Crochet, Drink Coffee, Have Fun, Meet and Help People, Travel and Enjoy Life. That is Why I Do What I Do.

Hi! I`m Katarina!

I`m the face, body and soul behind Frankie Kate Crochet. I enjoy my life with three handsome men, whom I adore: my tolerant husband, a rebellious teenager and his lively, younger brother.  I`m an Aquarius in a Gemini empire! Needless to say, I`m never bored!

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Here are some fun facts about me


  • I’m a big girl from a small town in the small country in Southeastern Europe
  • I`m a Spanish teacher and I`ve been changing jobs until I discovered I don’t want a “real” job. I want to crochet. So I turned it into a job.
  • I’ve travelled the western part of the World working on the cruisers and river ships
  • I still have to travel the Eastern
  • I taught myself to crochet when I was fortyish. I then started writing patterns and I will write more about that. I`m now learning how to do blogging and I will share that experience too
  • I believe anything is possible and that if you want it – you can do it
  • I love making people smile
  • I sometimes swear and use bad words
  • I love the ocean! It makes me feel alive!
  • I will always support and encourage women

That being said, I need to point out that English is not my native language (dah!), which further insinuates you will unlikely find teacher-approved grammar here. You will come across some “A”s and “THE”s confusion, awkward sentence structure, UK and US English dancing together and possibly some misspelling (not so much in the patterns, because testers are doing their magic, but in my posts yes).

So, if you have a problem with that /take a dim view of that, you better close this tab and move on.

If you don`t, wohoo – let`s create beautiful things and have some fun!

My greatest joy, other then having a coffee by the ocean, is delivering you modern, interesting and inspiring crochet patterns, so you could make wonderful things for your people!

My other greatest joy is helping you start doing the same thing by sharing my experience, tips and useful stuff I picked up along the way! I think you’ll find my mistakes especially valuable to learn from.


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